February 2016

3 Tips On Assigning Tasks To Your Virtual Assistant

You might be considering a virtual assistant then you must keep in mind in order for this relationship to work you must be able to become a great delegator. It sounds very simple but you must know that it is a rather difficult task for you to accomplish. Here are some tips on how you can get your assistant to do your tasks for you:Figure out what the tasks are You must try your best to decide on what the tasks are. Some can be more hectic than others. You must be able to break the tasks into smaller units like erasing my database then sending out the e- newsletter. If you create sub tasks then it will be a lot easier for the virtual assistant pricing or assistant to figure out what must be needed to be done first too. Communicate the tasksYou must be able to explain exactly what needs to be done. You must clearly define the responsibilities and make sure that the person understand what you require. If the objective or context of what needs to be done doesn’t make sense to the helper then you will have severe problems with completing the task on time. You must also stipulate as to when the task needs to be completed. You must try your best to give deadlines which are flexible to the both of you. If you set unrealistic ones then you will be disappointing him or her too.  Keep in mind that you must state as to how you like the task to look like and how he or she must finish a task too. If you have a process then provide it early on so he or she can use it. The communication channels must be easy goingYour website design virtual assistant must be able to ask for help without being afraid. If the person is afraid then the chances that he or she might not perform the task properly is extremely high too. If you require him or her to use a particular software then always make sure that you answer any questions on the program first. If the person feels that he or she is able to work with you easily then the job can get completed on time quickly too. You must keep in mind that your assistant is here to help you so any information which you will provide him or her will be put to good use. Your assistant will also send you updates which will allow you to check on their progress too.