March 2016

Implications Of DUI

Those who have seen others being arrested for DUI need to sit up and take the notice. Nowadays one needs to think twice before reaching for another glass of drinks when they are about to drive home. Indeed, most states in US have issued harsh laws which can make it easy for one to get convicted for simply having a drink on their way back home. Here are some points to know and consider in order to prevent getting a DUI charge.
Convictions in different states
The DUI charges differ from state to state. Hence, when you are new to a state, besides investing in the right car security systems, you need to take into account the DUI laws that prevail in that state. In most places DUI as a first or second offense is categorized as a misdemeanor while in most states if the charge is levied more than once it is classified as a felony. That can have grave implications for one’s driving capabilities as well as social status in general.
Significance of repeated offense
Those who get convicted more than once under DUI charges might face grave implications. In most cases the first offense as well as the second is considered a misdemeanor. Even then one would have their license revoked for a certain period of time which increases with repeated offense. For the first time offense one might get released after paying a fine and observing probation for a certain period of time. In cases of repeated offense, one might find it difficult to get their license back unless they have expert legal backing. These are points that need grave consideration besides choosing the perfect car device.
Driving difficulties
Those who get convicted with repeated DUI offense usually face a lot of difficulties. Not only is their license suspended for a long period of time, they might face defamation which can lead to problems in getting employment in the state. With a felony record, one would find it difficult to retain their employment status. Driving in the state might become impossible, pushing individuals to consider moving state. Again, other states will still have one’s felony records when background checks are performed.
Getting legal assistance
If one has been implicated with DUI charges it is necessary to get prompt and expert legal assistance. There are many lawyers and firms that specialize in DUI cases. They will help you get your charges reduced and records removed when the court releases you. With the right legal assistance one will be able to reduce their probation time and get back their license sooner. A DUI lawyer can help one to know the ways to avoid being implicated under DUI charges and what to do when being forced to take the test by the road authorities.