February 2018

Tips To Keep Your Home A Safe Zone From Burglary, From The Outside

Every day there are many cases of home theft that happen and leave those affected shattered. A home invasion does not simply mean that there can be loss of money and other things that are important to you, it also means that there is a big chance for somebody you love to get badly hurt or worse. Therefore, it is essential that in today’s times, you do all that you can to keep your home a safe zone from burglars. There are many ways that you can do this and number one should be to keep your home safe on the outside. Here are some tips for you to accomplish this.

Find out the weaknesses of your home on the outside

One thing that everybody can easily do, is to imagine that you are a burglar and take a walk around the house. See if there is any weakness in the house that can be spotted by a thief. If you can see something, chances are that they will be able to see it as well. Can you see a window that can easily be pried and opened, fix it immediately. If there is a door that does not secure itself correctly, get a locksmith Coolum right away. Next have a look through the windows to see if there is anything expensive and lavish that can easily be spotted through them. It could be furniture or art. If that is the case either use thick curtains on the inside to cover up so nobody can see through the windows or simply move the expensive items away from sight.

Always keep your shrubbery in the garden trimmed

Assuming that you have gotten a right mobile locksmith and fixed all your doors and entry points that may not be the only way that you can keep your home a burglar free zone. Shrubbery that is unkempt and overgrown is a fantastic hiding place for thieves. Therefore, make sure that you keep it trimmed always and at all times. Even better of a solution would be to grow thorny shrubs so that if a thief does get inside the garden and chooses to hide their, it will prove to be painful for them.

Get the fencing done

In addition to this, try and install great fencing, preferably a chain link fence or the likes all around your property with concrete fixing it firmly to the ground so that thieves cannot lift it up. If it is a solid fence that thieves can climb up get the kind that ends in sharp points at the top.